Blowing the coats already?

Blowing the coats already?

How to reduce the amount of hair?

You will often see tips in terms of “more combing”, using combs or brushes. But with them you will remove only a small percentage of excess hair. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use trimmers or. coat king's oz. rakes or shedders. Use them to remove a large amount of hair loss without damaging the skin or hair.

IMPORTANT: the latter devices can only be used on dogs whose hair is falling out, ie they have double hair. For breeds like poodle, Maltese, bison, etc. these devices are NOT used.

How often to nurture them?

When the replacement process begins, more care is needed if you want to reduce the amount of hair loss as much as possible. If you decide to use only a brush, this will probably require (even multiple) daily work. By using the trimmer, you will remove a larger amount of hair in a shorter time, thus saving time in both dog care and hair cleaning. We do not recommend its use more than once every 14 days.

How to choose the right accessory for your dog?

We basically know 3 different gadgets:

- Rakes or. undercoat comb or T-comb, great for dogs with a bushy coat type; these are sheep and polar breeds that have relatively short hair but an extremely dense undercoat and also lose a lot of hair.

- Trimmer oz. coat king is suitable for breeds with double silky or fringed coat; setters, spaniels, breeders, terriers.

- Shedders or. furminators, on the other hand, are great for short-haired breeds; all dogs with short hair such as Dalmatian, French Bulldog, etc.

The appropriate device is therefore determined according to the type of hair that our pet has.

Now I know what to use, but how do I choose the right one?

The basic rule we follow when choosing the right tooth density is the following: the denser the hair, the thinner the teeth we choose. Example: For spaniels, a trimmer with a tooth density of 12B is used, while for a retriever with more bushy hair, 8B is recommended.

If you are not sure what exactly to choose, of course you can contact us without hesitation.

Proper use

You use all of these tools similarly to a brush. You always pull in the direction of hair growth and never the other way around. One longer session before bathing the dog when the hair is dirty is most recommended, as this is when we remove a larger amount of excess hair. When freshly dug, it is silky, smooth and you can just crawl through it. After trimming, it is recommended to dig the dog, and soothe the skin. Some dogs also purify their skin when they lose their hair, which we see as dandruff, although such a process can be completely natural.

Once you have done one session, it is not necessary to repeat it for at least 14 days.

Don't let the seasonal hair change come alive. Save time and make sure your dog is comfortable and your apartment is clean.