Mode of delivery - Teritory of Slovenia

For deliveries in Slovenia, N&J d.o.o., Kotnikova ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, is responsible.

Items with a total charge of 60€ (including disscounts) will be delivered in Ljubljana on our costs. For orders in other cities in Slovenia we charge 5€ (for cash on delivery) and 3,5€ (payments by invoice, PayPal) no regard of weight, quantity or expense of your order.

The contract partner for delivery in Slovenia is Pošta Slovenije, but the provider retains the right to choose another delivery service, if contract can be completed more efficiently.

Orders will be dispached between 2–5 week days. For certain products the delivery time can extend. In such case N&J d.o.o. will inform the costumer about estimated time of delivery and will enable the customer to withdraw it's order if the estimated time is not acceptable to him/her.  

Mode of delivery - Abroad

For deliveries abroad business N&J d.o.o. Kotnikova ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, is responsible.

Shipping abroad will be done after receiving the payment either via payment by invoice or PayPal if not stated otherwise (see bellow).

Shipping costs for countries (package upto 5kg):

– Austria 9,80 €

– Belgium 11,50 €

– Bolgaria 8,50 €

– Czezh Republic 8,50 €

– Denmark 13,00 €

– Estonia 14,50 €

– Finland 23,00 €

– France 15,50 €

– Greece 12,00 €

– Croatia 8,50 €

– Italy 18,50 €

– Latvia 14,50 €

– Lithuania 14,50 €

– Luxemburg 22,00 €

– Hungary 8,50 € 

– Germany 9,80 €

– Netherlands 11,50 €

– Poland 8,50 €

– Portugal 12,00 €

– Romunia 8,50 €

– Slovakia 8,50 € 

– Spain 12,00 €

– Sweden 18,50 €

For orders made from other countries it’s only possible to order by advance agreement. 

Stated price for shipping abroad is valid for packages up to 10kg weight. For those who exceed the 10kg mark, the shipping cost will be forwarded to the customer together with order confirmation and estimated time of delivery.

If items are damaged during transport (package), then immediately inform a courier that has delivered the shipment. In the case of hidden damage of the item the customer is obliged to notify the delivery service in 8 days, counted from the date of shipment received. Prior that we must assess together that the damage was caused only when the shipment was in possession of delivery service.

In the event that the product is currently not in stock, we will inform you by sending the messages by electronic mail or on your phone, which you entered upon registration at our online store.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel: +386 (0)40 484 591 or e–mail: [email protected] or adress N&J d.o.o., Kotnikova ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.