Winter holidays with your pooch

Winter holidays with your pooch

Warm clothes ready for the holidays, you just have to pack and… do you take your pet with you?

Many dog ​​owners decide to go on trips or. the holidays also take their four-legged friend with them. Therefore, in addition to your luggage, you also need to prepare the things you take on the trip.

While you have activities let him have his peace

A dog always loves the proximity of its owner, and that proximity is all the more important when it is in a foreign environment. Nevertheless, there are times when the dog cannot be with us, so it is necessary to make sure that he spends this time without harming himself or the equipment of the hotel / room. For all of you who regularly travel with your dog, we recommend that you teach him from Malaga to the box, where he spends time alone. Dogs take it as their own and it becomes their movable refuge so it is ideal for all active owners. If you do not decide on a box, take one of its beds or. pillows on which he will recognize the homey smell.

Food for active dogs

If you leave the dog in the box, always have water available. The containers that are placed on the box net are suitable for this. They are made in such a way that they are only overturned and spilled around. Just as we ourselves love peace with food, dogs also like to see us feed them regularly and in a place where no one bothers them. For this purpose, too, the box is indispensable… you can serve him his meals there, as he knows that this is a place where he has his peace (at the same time, you will not constantly stumble upon his dishes in smaller spaces). "Hanging" containers of various sizes are suitable for both smaller and larger eaters. :) Also, do not forget that a more active dog needs larger amounts of food or. foods with a higher nutritional value.

Snow activities

Snow joys are something very special for dogs. You can spice up your walks with a game - latex toys are ideal for this purpose, as they are easily wiped off after a walk in the snow and therefore do not leave stains or unpleasant odors. However, you can spice up the game with some of the treats if you have one of the more eating dogs.

Hair care in winter days

Just as a dog needs to be groomed regularly at home, we need to keep this routine on vacation as well. A wet dog can smell very bad, so it is important to wipe it thoroughly or even dry it with a dryer before allowing it to jump on couches and beds. The cloth is effective (up to 50% more effective than cotton towels) in removing moisture from the fur. It is also important to regularly comb long-haired dogs and remove dirt from their hair, using one of the sprays that keeps the hair in good condition - changing hot and cold air leaves consequences on the hair, it becomes reluctant, dry and consequently breaks. .

We wish you a pleasant holiday with your best friend! :)

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