Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by:  

– e-mail: [email protected] or

No matter the chosen media we will try to help you out with whatever question stated. For faster answering we advise you to call.

What are advantages of user account?

In case you decide to create an user account, some aditional features of the shops will become available. Within your account you can check orders, create wish lists, edit personal data, check coupons, vouchers, messages and return orders.

For order placement no user account is needed, but it does make your purchase time faster when you are placing regular orders. System recognises the account and places in the information saved to make sure you do not need to worry about re-writing all down.

Can your shop be found on any social media?

Sure! Or web shop can be found on Facebook page – CLICK or Instagram – CLICK  … we will be happy if you will join our community. :)

In case you would wish to keep track of our or other users posts, you can also follow our hashtag #natisshop.

What kind of content are you sending via newsletter?

Newsletter is sent to all signed up customers with intent of informing about actions, blog posts and upcoming events we are going to attend. 

In case you would like to sign up you can do so on this link – CLICK

You can also cancel newsletter by any time you like through link in newsletters footer.

(*) Note before that newsletter content is only available in Slovenian language.

I received your coupon code, how can I use it?

Coupon can be used while its valid so that it is correctly inserted into the correct field. This can be find in left part of cart, being market with title COUPON.
When inserted in properly and clicking OK, the coupon used will be added as a discount to your cart, what you can see in the appropriate row on the right.

When using coupons bare in mind only one can be used at once.

The product I want is not in stock. What can I do?

In case you would wish to order a product, that is not in stock, you can contact us via phone or e-mail, to see when we are planning to get it to our warehouse.

Delivery times are different for each product so there is no common rule about time we need for a certain product to be in stock again. 

In case the delivery time is too long for you, we will gladly help you out with finding a suitable alternative if possible.

Is it possible to pick up the goods personally?

Personal pick up is not possible, unless there is a special agreement made with a client when the goods were purchased. However we do offer a pick up option at the events we are attending. In case you would like to more know about this you can contact us freely.