Natis web shop awards

Our wish is to always have best the offer and with this keeping our costumers satisfied. That is why we have built up on news and changes both on products and web page level. Clarity, availability and rich content has become something usual.
But to grow even more in welfare of our (future) costumers, we attend competitions, that help us understand your needs.




Shopper’s mind Slovenia, who is analysing shoppers movement and keeping in loop with news and advices in e-commerce, organises a competition for elite of web shops.

Slovenian e-commerce competition is run by the following rules:
– first round: collecting 50 shoppers opinions (min. quantity to be selected to the next round)
– second round: web shop analysis and scoring from experts on the field

Based on collected scores from experts and shoppers opinions, web shops have been awarded winners in their categories as well as awarded special awards. Experts opinion is very important as it give you more insights into what can be improved on technical level. But for every business owner its also important to hear the customers voice.

2nd People's Choice award 2017 (103 web shops, rated by 35.316 shoppers), more about winners …

1st People's Choice award 2018 (150 web shops, rated by 25.262 shoppers), more about winners ...

2nd People's Choice award 2019 (266 web shops, rated by 27.000 shoppers), more about winners ...

All upgrades of the web shop are meant to you – that is why we are extremely proud to have been scored so highly by our customers. You helped us being awarded all the mentioned awards among competitive number of web shops! This title is only based on customers opinion of the web shop and it’s work.