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  • The Aromatherapy Balm for Paws Care and Protection presents a unique blend of scientific and clinical aromatherapy and a love of animals. This balm both protects the paw from outer damage as well as conditions it!

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  • As a product which primarily protects and nourishes, the Ointment for Care of Calluses, Blisters and Thicker Skin contains 100% pure herbal oils and waxes. At the same time, chemotypical cedrelopsis essential oil from Madagascar has an anti- inflammatory and regenerative effect, and helps your pet’s skin become soft and tender!

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  • Another product that is perfect for use after a walk with your pet is the Aromatherapy Soap for Paws Washing and Care!

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  • In order for the snout to always be healthy and protected, Pet Secret presents the Omega Balm for Nose Care and Protection as a 100% natural product made from pure and cold pressed oils and butters.

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  • Constant itching and licking of paws, scurfy skin… Sounds familiar?Each of the above-mentioned changes is caused by something, but there is also a way to keep them all under control. Desired results are guaranteed with the Aromatherapy Serum for Paws and Hair Care!

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