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  • Shampoos intended for the care of human hair and the scalp often contain ingredients that are unsuitable for the care of dogs, and so the result is dry and damaged skin of your pets, which not only causes them discomfort, but also makes their hair brittle and tangled up. The answer is the Aromatherapy Premium Shampoo!

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  • Another product that is perfect for use after a walk with your pet is the Aromatherapy Soap for Paws Washing and Care!

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  • In order to solve coat problems, Pet Secret presents the Premium Shampoo with procyanidins, as a high-quality representative of care products designed to treat skin in an extra gentle way, while at the same time being free of strong chemicals and intense smells.

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  • When it comes to care and protection of dog hair, white-coated pets are a special challenge. No explanations necessary, but a product created particularly for white-coated pets would be welcome.That’s why Pet Secret decided to dive deep into the issue and discover yet another pet secret – dog hair as white as a pearl?

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