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  • The Aromatherapy Balm for Paws Care and Protection presents a unique blend of scientific and clinical aromatherapy and a love of animals. This balm both protects the paw from outer damage as well as conditions it!

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  • Damage caused by external factors can thin out your pet’s hair and cause harm to their sensitive skin. The Aromatherapy line also includes an excellent conditioner made form 100% pure essential oils of excellent composition and a rich palate of scents.

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  • Dry skin and hair are not only an aesthetic issue, but they also lower your pet’s quality of life. In order for you to handle this problem on time and in the best way possible, we present the Aromatherapy Premium Mask!

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  • As a product which primarily protects and nourishes, the Ointment for Care of Calluses, Blisters and Thicker Skin contains 100% pure herbal oils and waxes. At the same time, chemotypical cedrelopsis essential oil from Madagascar has an anti- inflammatory and regenerative effect, and helps your pet’s skin become soft and tender!

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  • Another product that is perfect for use after a walk with your pet is the Aromatherapy Soap for Paws Washing and Care!

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  • Combing out your dog’s hair has to be done slowly and meticulously so that your dog will not be in a lot of pain, because the tightest nots in tangled hair are formed close to the skin. Pet Secret also offers the Spray for Care and Easier Combing enriched with keratin in the shape of liposome particles so that you can keep your pet’s hair healthy, shiny,...

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  • In order for the snout to always be healthy and protected, Pet Secret presents the Omega Balm for Nose Care and Protection as a 100% natural product made from pure and cold pressed oils and butters.

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  • When it comes to care and protection of dog hair, white-coated pets are a special challenge. No explanations necessary, but a product created particularly for white-coated pets would be welcome.That’s why Pet Secret decided to dive deep into the issue and discover yet another pet secret – dog hair as white as a pearl?

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